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Insert a Link to a subpage on a subpage

You want to insert ON a subpage, that can be accessed via the link menu, a link to a subpage. This requires to put this way a normal link to the child link on the  parent subpage.

The address to the subpage looks in general like this:

- You need to substitute "Subpage(.htm)" by your own chosen subpage name. It is important to ensure that that subpage name is used that you find under "Create subpages & edit" and not the arbitrary, displayed in the link menu!
- If these links are no longer to appear in the link menu, you must select that link menu (in your members area under point "Link menu" in either the line "Choose link menu to work on" or "Manage own link menus") that you're on and then remove the subpage link via clicking “Delete”. Only the subpage link disappears from the menu link, the subpage itself is NOT deleted. 

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Last update: 2008-10-26 13:12