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Creating of subpages - link creation in the link menu

Creating of subpages:

To create a subpage with an arbitrary name, click "EDIT" in your member area. Click 2nd top left "NEW PAGE". You may now enter the selected name for your new subpage. 

Select the subpage you want to edit from the drop down menu box and click the flag "PAGEMANAGER". Within this module you may delete subpages, protect selected ones with a password or choose to edit.

If you want to change the name of one of your created subpages as listed in the link menu, you don't need to delete the subpage but rather change the link's name, case letter etc. like this.

Under "PAGEMANAGER", subpages are listed in an alphabetical order. Order and names listed here are independent of that what appears on your website, visible for your visitors under linkmenu. To change labels and order of the links in the link menu do SO. 

Create links in your link menu:

As written above you may fill up the link menu with links connected to subpages you have created on your own. However, you may as well insert links that are connected externally, e.g. to websites, guest books, contact forms etc. Do the following: 

In your memberarea click on "EDIT" and after the editor has opened click on "LINK MENU" top. That will open a new window, which gives you the chance to do a variety of settings. E.g. by pulling one of the link-menu-links from the left bar to the desired position you can change the order of the links. After clicking on one of the link-menu-links the settings regarding this link appear. Now you can change the name of the link-menu-link that appears online in the link menu of your homepage. Additional you can decide whether the link should lead to a subpage of your homepage or to a module (e.g. a guestbook) or to an album or to an external homepage. According to which icon you push there will be self-explanatory other settings.

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Last update: 2010-06-25 16:30