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Insert own Images

To insert own images on your homepage, select the subpage where the image should appear by clicking "EDIT" top left in your member area (unless you are already on the Editpage). 


After having selected the respective subpage from the dropdown menu, you have two choices to insert the images. Either:


1) You enter the image in an existing content box by means of the top editor bar.


2) You drag the image box from right hand side bar into your edit area. 


Which option your prefer depends on your liking: You like to work with one big content box (-->1) or you prefer to insert bits of content via many individual content boxes (--> 2). Both methods can be combined as well. Just fiddle around and try out.

Now that's how to do the options in practical terms:

1) Click into the content box where you want the image to appear. The editor bar opens up (top) - now click "INSERT IMAGE". A separate window pops up, listing all the images you have uploaded already via "FILE ADMINISTRATION". You can preview them by clicking on the magnifier icon. If the desired picture is not in the list, click SELECT IMAGE and choose it from your computer - now you can upload it. For your convenience your pictures size and resolution is automatically adjusted so it fits your homepage, if the tick "Autoadapt and insert image" is set. If there are manual changes you want to apply, you can do so at this point. Click "SAVE" to accept it. Now you'll find the name of the new picture in the list. Click on the name so that the picture can appear exactly where your mouse pointer have been placed before. Don't forget clicking "SAVE" icon to publish the new picture on your website. Highlight the image and you may again change the proportions and size of the inserted image. However, quality is better if you do this before insertion, just before uploading. 
2) Click on right hand bar the icon "IMAGE", keep mouse button pressed and drag the frame to the place where you want the image box to appear and release. Because it's an image-box it can't be dragged into an existing content-box, but you rather have to decide, whether the pic-box should be included above, below or beside an existing box.  An "Insert image" window pops up with a list of already uploaded pictures you can choose from. Or you want to upload new images from your PC. How to do the latter you have learned already.

- If there is more than one picture you want to place within a content box, you may do it with ease by using our table function. Do it like this.
- If you have a whole bunch of pictures you want to publish on your website, under one topic, e.g. all your spring break fotos, you may use our convenient foto album feature.




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