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New dynamic design - Compose header graphics

What is a header graphic?
shows the dynamic design example 
The header image is on top of your website, and thus, coins the character of your homepage. You may insert titles and subtitles within the header image, freely positioned. Thus, this is why we call it dynamic design to distinguish it from our ready made designs.
How to compose my own header graphic?

The dynamic design is default when you start a new membership. If you are already a member and want to switch to the dynamic design, you can do so anytime without loosing content or formats. Choose "DESIGN" (top right) in your member area and click the category "DYNAMIC DESIGNS" and "USE TEMPLATE". Return again to your former design with the same ease.
Click on "EDIT" in your memberarea and the editor will appear. Click into the header of the dynamic design and find right hand side "EDIT IMAGE". Fiddle around with all those features under this link. Following the same logics the feature "Edit title" resp. "Edit subtitle"shows up, depending on which of the small text areas you click that appear on the header graphic. 
The following graphic summarizes the 3 possible settings:
picture shows three typs of header settings
In the following each category is described step by step. 
Setup Graphic:

After clicking in the image area of the header graphic, a header image editor opens up right hand side. "POSITION" and "SCALING" allows you to change position and size by moving the bar. Scrolling the horizontal position is disabled if the header graphic is exactly fitting the frame, naturally. Fiddle around with the various settings and find out what can be changed.
To insert a different header image from your PC, click on "EDIT IMAG"E right hand side --> "OWN IMAGE" --> "SELECT IMAGE". The following overview appears: 
Header settings
After clicking on "GALLERY", you'll find several license-free, high res header graphics, provided by Beep. Your selected image appears left hand side under "PREVIEW". To utilize this one for your homepage, click "SAVE".

Clicking on "SAMPLE" results in a list of header graphics to choose from with the peculiarity that you can change their color according to a color table. Choose "CHANGE COLOR" to use this swell feature (don't forget to click the "SAVE" icon top right). 
Clicking "EDIT IMAGE" --> "OWN IMAGE" let you upload your own header graphics. You may upload any picture size from your PC and select the section to be published afterwards via the features "POSITION" and "SCALING" (see above). Or you compose your own header picture by means of a graphic program (e.g. GIMP for Windows, free of charge). The most suitable size for a header graphic is 900 x 200 pixels.
You will know which of the 3 areas of your header graphic you have chosen because the grey dot turns into green.
What is left are the "EFFECTS". You may apply this feature to any header graphic, where ever you took it from (e.g. the gallerie, a pattern or an own graphic). It applies gradual lucency and darkening and enhances the look of your header graphic. Tinker with the feature and you will find out what marvel it can do to your header. Never forget clicking SAVE to make the changes permanently.
Edit title and subtitle:

Clicking into the small upper text field to be found on your header graphic, results in popping up the editing title features on right hand side with the respective settings. Same applies to editing subtitle. Enter the subtitle directly, and change position and scaling, setup font and font color. Or catch the title field with your left mouse button, keep it pressed and drag it around. 
That's all you need to know to compose your own header graphic. 
 - you may change the background image (that is the one you see adjacent to your website) directly from your page editor in the near future. So far to do so you have to click "DESIGN" in your member area from the left hand vertical menu bar, scroll down to "Your present template" and click under "ADJUSTMENT" on "...backgrounds & text color". This allows you to change the background color or to upload an own picture as background.

- Moreover, soon coming the option to insert your own logos via drag & drop into your header graphic. If you need logos inserted now, compose your header graphic in a graphic program, inserting the logo already in the header graphic and upload the entire composed header graphic including the logo as a whole.

- in preparation are more designs to come under the category "Dynamic Designs" with different buildups.

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