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Change labeling and order of the subpages in the link menu

 To change the label & order in the subpages  link menu, you just need to choose the link menu that you're just using on your homepage, simply by entering your member area and go under item "Link menu”, either in the line "Choose link menu to work on” or to "Manage your own link menus”.

There is the label of each subpages´ link changeable (uppercase and lowercase letters, umlauts, etc.). Also with help of the green arrows the order of each subpage can be modified. Moreover, the diverse characteristics of the subpages can be managed by using the button "Edit" (e.g. links to external sites, Guestbook, Contact form, Photo album, etc.).


- To change the Title of a subpage, mostly appearing in the upper left browser window, (thus, not only the link in the link menu), you need to do as indicated.

- If the labels are not assigned correctly to the proper link, the labels may be either directly edited or assignments can be synchronized via the "Edit" button in line "Link with own subpage".

- So that a bottom link in the link menu no longer appears, you need to click “Delete”. This is NOT deleting the entire subpage, but only the link in the link menu!

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Last update: 2008-09-27 15:36