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How do I work on my homepage?

If you have already created your own account under the point signup on
the beep.com website, you have to log on, typing in your user name and your
password (please type in lower case).

You're now in the membership area of beep. You will see a link saying "Edit" on the left side. By choosing link below "Open" your homepage opens in a new window. Your homepage is available whire this adress from all over the world.

If you want to put content on your homepage click on "Edit" (remember this button, it is your main button to use) - after that the editor opens. At first draw a "empty content box" from the right sidebar to the marked area in the main content field of the editor. Subsequently click on the just placed content box - this will open the self-explanatory head editor bar. Now you can insert e.g. text and pictures very easy. After doing so please click on "Save". Furthermore you can create new sub pages and change titles by clicking on "pagemanager" located left and above, or you can change the design whire clicking on "design".

To create new editing areas for your homepage, add content boxes simply by dragging them from the lateral bar into the red tiled areas.

Change the design of your homepage even after filling in the content without loosing what you have composed so far. The so called "dynamic standard design" is default, which allows you to freely choose the dominant header image from our archive, or even upload your own. Comprehensive information around the topic "header image" you'll find HERE. Besides this dynamic design you may choose from over 100 ready made designs under the top right flag "Design" in your member area. Just browse to find the header image that fits the character of your homepage. There are many more features on Beep awaiting your discovery. Just take a few minutes to get the overview. Questions still remaining? Just click our comprehensive HELP database, enter the expression that needs more explanation and read the explications or get in contact with our support-team whire the contactform.


After you signed up your homepage, it is instantaneously online! The same holds true for any changes that you did to it and saved. Your website is hosted on our Beep servers and not on your local PC. This has the advantage that you may edit your homepage from any PC with Internet access in the world. If you do not see changes done on your homepage, most likely this may be the reason.

Enough explanations. Now start building your own homepage, enjoy and realize, it is as easy as pie!


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