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FTP access - upload homepage

The FTP Access is to date only available to customers that have booked the NoWorries (Pro) package. This FTP access serves on the one hand the simplified file transfer. Comprehensive information you will find as a NWP customer down left in the members area under "FTP access".

On the other hand, by using FTP a completely offline created homepage (e.g. via FrontPage or Dreamweaver) can be uploaded to the Beep server. However, the then uploaded website is not accessible via the regular Beep address, but rather via the memberfile address: (-> Any short addresses and domains can be used for that)

- If you specify in the FTP program a remote directory that does not exist, Beep tries to jump into this directory when you connect. Therefore, please do NOT activate in the FTP client the automatic directory search or the like.
- If the homepage is uploaded via FTP that way, all modular functions of our homepage generator will be bypassed, so that the content is no longer to be edited in our Beep editors, but only with a program such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc.. Therefore, we recommend the use of FTP only advanced users.

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Last update: 2008-10-26 13:23