Hosting & security

You create your website & filling in content. Let us do the rest. Don't restrict your creativity. Create your unique website without having to consider the underlying technics. Our website builder runs within your browser (e.g. firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer or Safari). Forget about software installation or updates.

Edit your website from any internet connected PC/Mac. Your friends will appreciate it to see all your awesome holiday photos even before you have returned home.
Your website or websites (just start as many as you want) is stored on our powerful servers. They are designed to handle peak season access without delay. Backups are done frequently.
Limitations in data transfer rate (traffic)' Not at Beep.
All our data, thus your website as well, is safely stored in one of the biggest European datacenters, the “datadock”. We strictly comply with the associated rigid privacy policy. Moreover “datadock” is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendliest data center in Europe.
We protect your website, even it is under fire. Bad guys might try to get your website down by a so called DoS attack with several thousand requests per second. We have installed effective hard- and software means to counteract and take care that your website is always accessible.