Working on your website, easy as pie.

Easy to handle editor to enter text, files, photos, photo galleries, videos and audio player. A professional design without meaningful content appears phony. To enter content is so easy, you won't believe. Click button “page editing” and our Beep editor let you type or copy in text in the displayed enter field. Text is nice, photos are even more convincing. Just pull an empty photo box from Beep editors margin and drop it at the desired site, insert one or more photos, selected from those you have uploaded from your hard disc to Beep beforehand. The same procedure applies to entering videos, sound or text files (e.g. pdf, word file etc.) that visitors are offered for download (e.g. menu carte, next weeks internet radio program or price list).
Slide shows and photo galleries may be placed within the editors entry field similarly easy, save and done. The format of the photo will be adjusted fully automatically. An editing tool, we have integrated for retouching photos makes the story complete.