General Terms & Conditions (TAC) On Use of Products & Services by
Beepworld GmbH
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David Finkenstädt
Dr. Thomas Finkenstädt

II Table of contents
II Scope
III Registration conditions
IV Responsibility for minors
V Remuneration and payment terms
VI Privacy Policy
VII Copyrighted material
VIII links
IX Exclusion of Warranty / Limitation of Liability
X Changes to the services
XI Changes to the terms and conditions
XII termination
XIII Providing storage space for web pages
XIV cancellation policy
[[b] II Scope [/ b]
The following conditions of Beep, a subsidiary of Beepworld GmbH are represented by the managing directors David and Dr. Beepworld GmbH. Thomas Finkenstädt (hereafter Beepworld or Beep). By registering with Beepworld and using the services offered, you agree to use the Beepworld Services in accordance with applicable law and these Terms and Conditions. Individual Beepworld services are provided in collaboration with partners. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, these Terms of Use may be subject to other terms of use that are available to the user via a link. This link is always at the bottom of the website where the service is offered.
[b] III Registration Conditions [/ b]
The Beepworld services can only be used as a member after registration. Anyone can become a member, whether for a private or commercial site, who completes the registration form completely and truthfully ("registration data"). The user then receives a user name and password ("user data"). The member is obliged to provide the registration data truthfully and completely and to keep it up to date at all times. The user data must be kept secret by the member. Registration is free. Each member may have multiple memberships and the associated benefits. The automatic creation of websites with bots, spam registrations, as well as the creation of websites with the goal "artificial link building" are forbidden.

If the member has not booked a service package that contains advertising freedom, it agrees to:

- do not obfuscate the textual comment automatically created by Beepworld on the author's responsibility for the content of his website and the note "Free website of Beepworld" and not by uploading own .htm content pages
- not to build your own advertising
- Do not include your own banner ad that covers the switched by Beepworld
- No FSK 16 or FSK18 content to show

Beepworld does not save the terms of the contract individually for each member. The member can retrieve these terms and conditions via a link on the homepage of the website.
Certain parts of Beep's Products & Services will require the user to register and provide certain data. In consideration of use of such Products & Services, in registering and providing such data, you affirm and warrant that:
- the information about yourself is true, accurate, current, and complete (apart from optional items) as required by various Beep registration forms ("Registration Data") and
- you will maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.
[IV] Responsibility for minors [/ b]
For the free Beepworld services, minors may register, as far as they are aware of the consequences of consent to the processing and use of their data, understand the meaning of such consent and the use of a service by minors is not subsequently excluded. In the event that guardians allow Minor Registered Beepworld Services to be used, they accept their responsibility for the underage's online behavior, access control, and the consequences of abuse of the Beepworld Services by the Minor. The parent or guardian is aware that in the event of assertion of claims for damages by third parties against Beepworld caused by the activities of the minors as part of the Beepworld Services, they are obliged to indemnify Beepworld from these claims for damages. Furthermore, the parent or legal guardian is aware that some offers from Beepworld may contain content or links that are not suitable for use by minors.
b] V Remuneration and Terms of Payment [/ b]
The Beepworld services are free unless otherwise stated. As far as chargeable services are offered, the member will be informed prior to use separately about the cost of the service and the method of payment. Insofar as third party services are offered within the framework of the Beepworld network, these require a separate registration and a contract is concluded directly with the third party. As far as goods or services are offered via the participants in the Beepworld services, any contracts are concluded exclusively between the customer and the provider of such transactions.

In the event that a given purchase fails due to a failure attributable to the member, Beepworld shall be entitled to reclaim Beepworld's bank charges invoiced by the Bank.

- The member is obliged to notify Beepworld at no later than 10 working days before the next load pick-up. The member then receives an e-mail confirmation of the change of account data.

- When issuing a debit authorization is sent to the email address deposited by the member about 14 days (for new charges) or about 5 days (for new product orders) before the scheduled debit of the customer account a note on the upcoming charge and the exact charge date ,
[b] VI Privacy [/ b]

You can find the explanation here [link =] here. [/ Link]
[b] VII Copyrighted Material [/ b]
Any data within the Beepworld Services, as well as on other websites may be the subject of copyright protection. These include text, software, HTML / Java / Flash source code, photos, videos, graphics, brand names and signs, and music and sounds. The copyright protection for these materials may consist of either an individual part or a collection of materials. The downloading and use of copyrighted material provided by Beepworld or third party is permitted to users only to the extent permitted by applicable law and the applicable terms and conditions of the supplier or by the respective provider or Beepworld was allowed separately. Users may not reproduce, reproduce, transmit, distribute, publish, commercially exploit, otherwise transmit in electronic or any other form to this data material or otherwise use this material beyond this permitted scope. In particular, it is inadmissible to use brand names or trademarks regardless of whether this is done in original or modified form or by linking to another domain on the Internet.
In the event that a member uses data material that has been granted permission by the copyright owner, the member is required to provide a clearly visible and easily retrievable copyright notice so that the attribution to the unbiased viewer is readily possible. The member is aware that the infringement of copyright rights is the basis of claims for damages and indemnifies Beepworld at the first request of any claims for damages of third parties resulting from such a copyright infringement.
[b] VIII links [/ b]
Beepworld or third parties may create links to other websites ("Sites") or sources. Beepworld has no control over such sites and sources and is not responsible or liable for the availability of such external sites or sources, does not endorse any content available on such sites or sources, and excludes any liability or warranty these, as far as no positive knowledge of the illegality of the contents exists. The links are mostly generated by the users. Due to their large number, it is technically not possible to check them by Beepworld employees. If Beepworld has a link to an external page on which third-party content is distributed by Beepworld, Beepworld will remove the link to such a page upon notice. Likewise, Beepworld is not liable for an increasing traffic volume of the respective linked page. Users of Beepworld are obliged, before placing a link on a foreign side, to make sure that the respective operator does not object to a link to the site. Furthermore, the user undertakes to make external links recognizable by putting the content of the linked page in a new window (frame).

Insofar as compensation claims against Beepworld should be asserted on the basis of such linking, the respective member exempts Beepworld from these claims for damages upon first request. Irrespective of whether a link is justified or unauthorized, Beepworld can at any time cancel a link and will do so as soon as the operator of the respective page objects to the linking. The member is under no circumstances permitted to link to pages that offer informational services with illegal content or information that incite racial hatred, glorify or downplay violence (§131 StGB), glorify the war, which are suitable, children or young people morally difficult to endanger or in your best interests that may damage the reputation of Beepworld, are pornographic or refer to offers containing this content.
[b] IX Disclaimer of Warranty / Limitation of Liability [/ b]
The use of Beepworld services is at the user's own risk. Beepworld accepts no liability for the Beepworld services being available at all times without interruption, on time, safely and without errors. Beepworld assumes no liability for lost information and data of the member, be it within the space provided by Beepworld, or on storage media of the user. Information and advice received by a user in the context of Beepworld's services, be it on websites, by e-mail or fax, in writing or orally, does not constitute any warranty by Beepworld, unless expressly agreed. Liability for involuntary official measures, labor disputes, force majeure, natural disasters, accidental damage is excluded. The user acknowledges that the Beepworld services can not be made available in the form offered without the above disclaimer of warranties and limitations of liability. The limitation of liability also applies to the employees and vicarious agents of Beepworld. This Agreement does not exclude or limit the liability of Beepworld for any of the following:
- Injury to life, limb or health as a result of negligence on the part of Beepworld or its vicarious agents or agents
- intent and grossly negligent breach of duty
- Any other liability whose exclusion is prohibited by law.
In addition, the liability is limited to the typically foreseeable damage. This does not apply to the violation of essential contractual obligations and liability under the Product Liability Act.
[b] X changes to services [/ b]
Beepworld may, at its sole discretion, determine which services are provided and to what extent. Restrictions, extensions and other changes to these services by Beepworld are permitted at any time.
[b] XI Changes to the Terms and Conditions [/ b]
Changes and additions to these terms and conditions are made by notice on this website under the menu item 'Terms and Conditions'. The customer agrees to regularly read and accept these terms and conditions. Changes shall be deemed approved if the customer does not object in writing within one month after discontinuation of the change on the website. For the contradiction, it is sufficient that this is done by e-mail to The subject line must contain the word 'contradiction'. In the case of opposition, the membership ends with access of the opposition, without the need for further explanation by Beepworld.
Should provisions of these GTC or any provision incorporated into it in future be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable or lose their legal validity or practicability later, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract. The same applies if it should turn out that the contract contains a loophole: Instead of the ineffective or unenforceable provision or to fill the regulatory gap, an appropriate provision shall apply which, as far as legally possible, comes closest to what the parties intended or would have intended to do so in accordance with the spirit or purpose of the contract, provided that they considered the point when concluding the contract or when subsequently adopting a provision.

Place of performance and jurisdiction is Dusseldorf.

The contractual relationship is subject to German law.
[b] XII Termination [/ b]
Beepworld is entitled to terminate the contract for participation in the Beepworld services with the member without notice for important reasons. The termination takes place by switching off the website of the users. An important reason exists in particular if the user violates applicable law or these terms and conditions.

The member can cancel the membership of Beepworld at any time without giving reasons to Beepworld by clicking on the corresponding menu item in the members area. In the case of unpaid bills, they must first be paid before termination of membership is possible. Upon termination, Beepworld has the right to delete any information that the Member has posted or sent to the Beepworld Network.

Cancellations of existing contracts: Payments with the direct debit payment method (RSP, RSP Pro, Special, Plus, Pro, Business, Domain) must be sent in writing at the latest 30 days before the date of the debit, by e-mail (only possible with new contracts from 30 Sept. 2016), or by mail or fax to ug Address stating the member name, to be canceled. In doing so, your direct debit authorization for the service named in the letter of termination will automatically be revoked. Regardless of the order and their notice periods, you can of course agree to the collection procedure (affects future debits from the next possible date) at any time on o.g. Revoke manner. The confirmation of your cancellation or revocation will be sent to us by email immediately. Beepworld GmbH, Mündelheimer Weg 9, D-40472 Dusseldorf, Fax + 49- (0) 211-2989060;

Termination of Domains: The termination of domains is only in the members area under "Domains & Emails" -> "Domain manage" on the designated downloadable form by fax or letter or readable scanned as a pdf and attached to an email. Th
[b] XIII Providing storage space for private web pages [/ b]
Each member will be provided with a free basic package for hiring a private website in WorldWideWeb. There is an imprint obligation for every commercial website within the Beepworld system. The member is obliged to provide its website in accordance with the Telemedia Act with an imprint that contains visible for each caller the full (eligible) address of the member. Insofar as Beepworld provides users with the necessary storage space for Beepworld's websites, Beepworld is not responsible for the contents published there, unless Beepworld is aware of them. This content is for Beepworld third-party content. Beepworld does not control content prior to its publication on a user site in any way. However, Beepworld reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any suspected or actual terms or conditions or content or content from Beepworld's offer. Beepworld does not guarantee that the websites of the users are always available. Beepworld is not liable for any damage caused by interruption of access to user pages or loss of member's data. The member is responsible for controlling and securing his pages. Each member is responsible for ensuring that its pages comply with all applicable laws. In particular, the following contents are not allowed:

a) Any use of works protected by copyright without the express permission of the author or the owner of the exploitation right; In particular, no copyrighted music or film works or third-party software may be offered for download or copied in any other way without their explicit consent.

b) Distribution of content whose distribution is prohibited by law.

c) Dissemination of pornographic writings and representations

d) Requests to commit or participate in crime

e) Material that slanders, offends or threatens others. Users are not permitted to make the storage space available to third parties for the purpose of storing data or to use the storage space for purposes other than the construction of websites within the framework of the Beepworld service.

The member grants Beepworld the right to switch to the web pages placed on the Beepworld network in accordance with the terms and conditions of the GTB, provided that they have not been placed ad-free by a fee-based service package.

Beepworld is not responsible for the recruitment of member sites in search engines or their removal. Search engines are independent companies whose business practices Beepworld has no influence on.
XIV Widerrufsbelehrung

Sie haben das Recht, innerhalb von 14 Tagen (ab dem Tag des Vertragsabschlusses) ohne Angabe von Gründen diesen Vertrag zu widerrufen, indem Sie per Brief, Fax oder Email Ihren eindeutig formulierten Widerrufswunsch unter Angabe ihres Mitgliednamens schicken an:
Beepworld GmbH, Mündelheimer Weg 9, D-40472 Düsseldorf, Fax +49-(0)211-2989060,

Folgen des Widerrufs: Innerhalb von 14 Tagen ab dem Tag, an dem der Widerruf bei uns eingegangen ist, erstatten wir Ihnen den geleisteten Betrag zurück über dasselbe Zahlungsmittel, das Sie verwendet haben.
Beginnt die Dienstleistung bereits während der Widerrufsfrist, z.B. bei Registrierung eines Domainnamen, so berechnen wir Ihnen einen entsprechenden angemessenen Betrag.

Düsseldorf, den 8. August 2017
It is the policy of Beep to respond diligently to claims of intellectual property infringement and hotlinking. However, the complaining party must first ask the user as the legally responsible person to respond to its notification on infringement and remove the cause. If there is no response in a given time of e.g. 5 workdays, Beep may be informed.
Beep will then promptly process and investigate those notices of alleged infringement and will take appropriate actions, i.e. to remove or disable access to any material claimed to be infringing or claimed to be the subject of infringing activity, bar the site, remove or disable access to any reference or link to material or activity that is claimed to be infringing.
Notices of claimed infringement should be submitted to:
Thomas Finkenstaedt, PhD
Email address:
Please put "Notice of Infringement" in the subject line of all such notifications and attach the mail that you have submitted to the user and where you did not get a (proper) response to.
For all legal issues arising from or related to the use of the Beep Products & Services the Laws of Germany, NRW, the site of principle office of Beepworld GmbH, operating, shall apply. The sole jurisdiction for any disputes arising from and pertaining to the use of the Beep Products & Services is in the city of Duesseldorf, Germany.
You consent to receive communications from Beep concerning your use of the Products & Services. The Communications may be those that Beep is required to send to you by law concerning the Products & Services. The Communications may also be those that Beep sends to you for other reasons. You consent to receive Communications electronically. Beep may provide these Communications to you by sending an email to the email address you provided in connection with your account or by posting the Communication on Beep. If you consent to receive Beep's regular newsletter you agree as well that Beep sends you from time to time selected newsletters with product and/or service informations.
These Terms & Conditions shall continue in effect for as long as you use the Products & Services, unless specifically terminated earlier by Beep.
Should you violate these Terms & Conditions or any other rights of Beep and Beepworld GmbH, Beep reserves the right to pursue any and all legal and equitable remedies against you, including, without limitation, terminating any and all user accounts on any and all of Beep web sites.

If you are aware of any violations of these Terms & Conditions, please report them to:
Thomas Finkenstaedt, PhD
Email Address: